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A revival of classic rating communities.

20 auto accepts/rejects left!

This isn't your average elitist, hipster rating community. While we judge you mostly on looks, we honestly do care about your personality. Furthermore, we don’t just want super hot hipsters. We want pretty girls of all subcultures— preppy girls, nerdy girls, hipsters, ravers… everyone. If you have a hot face and can hold an intelligent conversation, we want you.

This is a revival of classic rating communities. Were you around when livejournal had a TON of rating communities? They died out. There are very few left. We are resurrecting the idea of a community full of attractive people that like to look at other attractive people.

o1. You must be 16+ years of age.
o2. Tag your application as "application".
o3. Make the subject of your application "new".
o4. Use an lj-cut and title it "Pandas are omnivores."
o5. Friends only!
o6. Do NOT use rich text for your application.
o7. You must include a salute.
o8. You are only permitted to comment on your entry.
o9. Do not start drama with the members.
1o. Do not reply to every single vote.
11. You must get 2/3 or more yes votes.
12. Wait three days to get stamped.
13. Don’t harass the mods about being stamped.
14. If you get rejected, you may try again. Once.

o1. Always be honest when voting.
o2. When voting, put your yes/no answer in the subject.
o3. Try to vote on every person who applies
o5. No nudity. Even behind cuts.
o6. Always make your entries friends only.
o7. Use your discretion on cuts.

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Everything that you do in this community will be rewarded with points. You must have 50 points by the end of the month, otherwise you will be kicked out of the community and you must reapply. The person with the most points at the end of the month will receive one auto accept/reject to use whenever they want. The top 3 girls with the most points at the end of the month will be voted on to see which will be the member of the month.

40 Points: winning a superlative
20 Points: live hunt, monthly theme
10 Points: online hunt, weekly theme, videos made by you
5 Points: text posts, superlative submission
2 Points: every promotion
1 Point: every photo


Make a post of your favorite things to do and favorite places to go around where you live. Post lots of pictures. We want to get a good idea of what you're talking about. Leave nothing to the imagination.

What were the top ten movies that you watched in 2009? They don't have to be movies that were released in 2009, just movies that you saw last year.

Find photos online of the following things:
1. blue heart
2. elephant ice sculpture
3. My Little Pony toothbrush
4. angry baby
5. someone smoking marijuana
6. bugs bunny dressed up as a woman
7. cute umbrella
8. unique snowman
9. pokemon on drugs
10. lady gaga with brown hair

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